The new health insurance association

The denominator of insurance should be as large as possible.
A good example is mandatory car insurance. If a person, regardless of skilled driving or infrequent driving, only consists of such people, what would happen if you only created a new insurance for them?
Eventually, all insurance premiums would increase.
The administrative costs of insurance are also significant.
Moreover, it is good if insurance policyholders increase every year, as during a period of population growth.
New members are young and expected to live long.
However, it is the opposite for life insurance.
As life expectancy increases, payouts increase first.
How about combining the financing for life and health insurance during a period of aging population?
I began to think about this when a health insurance was recently created only for young employees at a company.
Even during the economic development period of 30 years ago, new health insurance associations were founded.
It was within the information service industry, restaurant business, staffing, and elderly care.
Can you understand that?
These are industries with many young people.
Even KoyamaG seriously considered establishing a corporate health insurance association.
At that time, the average age of the staff was still low.
But due to the high administrative costs and the aging staff, no establishment was made.
After that, health insurance associations that could no longer sustain their operations due to aging staff and declining membership were dissolved and absorbed by national insurance.
This time too, the health insurance association mainly consists of young employees in the company.
But soon it will change.
Now it’s cheap, but if it’s no longer, the whole nation will help.
It seems a bit too convenient.
Japan’s population is decreasing.
Why not merge all corporate health insurance associations at this time?
Let all citizens share the burden and live equally long.
And let older people bear more of their healthcare costs than before.
At least there should be a deductible regardless of age. I feel sorry for today’s young people.
If it is done like this, older people will make more effort for their health. I must admit that I’m not doing that right now.

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