From the New Year to the end of the fiscal year.

I wonder about something strange.
Why does the fiscal year start in April?
After the new year, I always go to the department stores and traditional shops in Ginza on January 2nd.
I buy zodiac ties and perfume.
This year, unusually, I ordered a dress shirt.
Because the neck of my old dress shirts became tight.
I don’t know if I gained weight or if they shrank in the wash.
So, I’ve been afraid and avoiding stepping on the scale lately.
The dress shirt will be ready in February, but I want to make an effort not to gain weight until then.
Yasunari-kun used to wear new cotton underwear on New Year’s Day when he was in elementary school, but lately, he’s been using sturdy ones and recycling them for years.

When I was young, I used to wear a shirt against my skin, but nowadays, it’s too cold for that.
I’m wearing winter underwear.
This year, the cold penetrates the elderly.
In the morning, I take not only a shower but also a hot bath.
I realized that aging also means becoming more human.
Furthermore, I’ve come to think that steamed buns and yokan, like my father, taste delicious.
With hot tea.
At first, I thought it was pathetic, but now, I’ve entered a period of acceptance.
Also, I don’t worry anymore if I can’t immediately remember the name of the person I’m meeting.
If the other person knows my name, I’m not bothered.
Being tolerant and being careless are two sides of the same coin.
Now, back to the point, in January, I wear a zodiac tie to work every day.
Yesterday, I received a report on the monthly closing of the Koyama G Group’s consolidated financial statements at the management basic meeting.
I’m concerned about the closing position at the end of the fiscal year.
Because February has fewer days, some facilities may end up with a monthly deficit.
So, I’m considering investments and depreciation for the end of the fiscal year now.
Fortunately, this fiscal year seems to be making more profit than planned.
This is largely due to the efforts of all the staff on site, who have kept the Corona clusters to a minimum.
We invest 200 million yen annually in Corona test kits.
If a single person tests positive for Corona in the facility, everyone is tested. Even family members. I don’t think it’s excessive testing. If a Corona cluster occurs in the facility, it results in a loss of 100 million yen.
A thorough Corona measures never result in financial loss. Care on top of medical welfare.
That is the essence of the Koyama Medical Welfare Group. How will the end-of-year management results turn out? That’s what I contemplate in January. According to research, March is not a common fiscal year-end globally.
What if it were a December closing? I might feel more pleased with an entrance ceremony around the time of cherry blossoms than a January enrollment for schools.
Is it because of the schedules of government offices and the Diet?
As the chairman, I tell the staff that it’s okay if we’re not in the red. I question whether facilities with excessive profits are short-staffed or if labor costs are insufficient.
A harsh staffing situation cannot sustain a healthy medical welfare service.
It becomes a hospital facility where many employees leave and black accidents occur.
But I’m happy when there’s a large profit. At the end of the term, I feel like splurging on a lavish meal for the staff in Ginza.
On Sunday tomorrow, there’s a theater and dinner party for long-serving employees.
This is also because the management is in the black.
I’m in a position to treat the staff with the money they earn. I think I’m a happy manager.
Gratitude. Gratitude. I wish my father were here at a time like this.

Pulse oximeter 96/97/98
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 168

End of Year of Life
CEO of Koyama G Yasunari Koyama


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