Hospital ship concept

The attached manuscript of the hospital ship concept is from about 15 years ago.
I have a first-class boat license.
In the case of a major earthquake in the Tokyo metropolitan area, all land routes would be wiped out, so I think the only way to evacuate to a safe zone would be by boat or helicopter from Tokyo Bay.
There are 16,700 victims of the Noto Peninsula earthquake in evacuation centers.
Long-term evacuation is not possible if lifelines are broken.
For the elderly, excretion itself is the biggest burden.
There is no way you can get a good night’s sleep in an evacuation center.
Most elderly people require ongoing medication and rehabilitation.
This is far from an economy syndrome.

Only one passenger ship chartered by the Self-Defense Forces is docked on the Noto Peninsula, which was hit by a major earthquake.
It’s a one-night, two-day stay, and it’s used as a shift rest area, but I’d like the ship to transport them to a safe hospital or geriatric health facility in another prefecture.
If one passenger ship from all prefectures came to Noto, we could transport all 16,700 evacuees.
It would be better if the ship sailed around the country and got off at a port where the acquaintances and relatives of the disaster victims were.
During this time, local roads, electricity, water, and sewerage infrastructure will be rebuilt.
Leadership from the Prime Minister’s Office is needed now.
I would like them to issue a dispatch order for the Self-Defense Forces’ helicopter carriers.

The combination of a helicopter and a ship is the best.
There is no doubt that the coronavirus will also occur in the disaster-stricken areas.
When you go to the site, I would like you to bring a special corona countermeasure vehicle cart.
Currently, Koyama G has three cars.
An online medical treatment system is also in operation from Ginza.

Pulse oximeter 97/99/99
Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 169

Nuclear-powered helicopter medical aircraft carrier Koyama Maru
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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