Academic world

Koyama G was born 40 years ago at an emergency hospital in Ginza.

The cutting-edge emergency medical field is the DNA of the current Koyama G, and shaped Yasunari Koyama’s humanity.

Most of Koyama G’s 14,000 beds are now nursing care facilities, which are scattered independently throughout the country.

Nursing care is a local culture, but I think medicine is a science.

I am a visiting professor at several universities, partly because I have a mission to train younger students, but more than that, because I love the academic world of medicine.

I traveled all over Japan for academic conferences.

I was able to meet some excellent researchers and doctors.

However, in the world of welfare and nursing care, this atmosphere is rare.

The reason I founded the Koyama Care and Team Care Society was because I wanted to change the world of nursing care.

At least in Koyama G.

Last night, my mentor won the Japan Medical Prize, and there was a commemorative lecture and party, attended by researchers from the university’s medical department.

The academic atmosphere is not just about the intellectual appearance of the people.

This is because he has a venture spirit that allows him to discover new research fields, take risks and push forward, as well as a humble and persistent attitude toward long-term research.

Koyama G also cooperates in the field with the research of such motivated researchers.

I consider it an honor to have the name of Koyama G’s facility included in a paper published to the world.

Dear members of Koyama G, would you like to use Koyama G’s scholarship funds to go to graduate school?

Would you like to go to a nursing university in Vietnam for joint research as an exchange student?

Why not take Koyama’s progressive and evolving DNA to the world?

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97

Body temperature 36.8 Blood sugar 197

Oversleep in the Morning

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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