Listening and empathy

Listening and empathy.
This is a term often heard in counseling and nursing training.
The lecture at the training session made me realize this.
I was listening to Koyama G’s nursing club meeting online.
Report on countermeasures for corona infected facilities based on experience.
I got a good understanding of the hardships faced at the workplace and the nationwide support system of Koyama G’s nursing department.
Worth listening to.
As a business owner listening to this, I also deeply sympathized with this.
I am proud of the strength of Koyama G’s staff, who are responsible, proactive, and cooperative.
I also felt anew the responsibility of those who run the company.
We want to be a management company that empathizes with the hardships of those on the ground.
I was relieved that I could do that, and I thought that if I could no longer do that again, I should realize that it was time to retire.
As long as these people are working hard all over Japan, I will continue to represent them with passion and responsibility.
I am grateful to be a member of Koyama.
For me, listening and empathy are followed by advocacy and action.
It was a wrong proposal and execution.
Furthermore, I think it’s about responsibility and reflection.

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Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 105

Silence and prayer rather than screams and disappointment
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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