Japanglish (Japanese English)

Let’s change the name that gives a bad impression.
It’s pitiful to call it that.
He himself hates it too.
But even if we change the name, the reality remains the same.
It doesn’t change the feeling of discrimination of the people who call them that, nor the discomfort of the people who are called that.
The fundamental problem remains the same.
Over time, they get used to it and use it interchangeably.
Even if we change manic depression to bipolar disorder, the reality remains the same.
This time, diabetes will change to Diabetes.
After carefully surveying patients, it became clear that they were uncomfortable with being called that name, so they decided to change the name.
Even if you write it in katakana, it doesn’t look cool.
It’s Japanese English after all.
Since the Meiji era, Japan has given scientific names in Japanese.
I think Japan’s culture was superior to other countries’ cultures that used English as is in academics.
If it cannot be converted to Japanese, it is because it did not exist in Japanese culture until now.
Isn’t Japanese English often used by fashion and creative people when they want to discuss a concept?
Diabetes is common in Japan, and I think Japan is the most advanced country in the world.
Rather, the advanced Japanese name for Tounyo-byou should be accepted around the world.
Although I may not be proud of it.
Otaku is a global term.
I feel that Glucose Metabolism Syndrome is more plausible than Diabetes, but what is it?
That doesn’t mean the symptoms will get better, though.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/97
Body temperature 36.1 Diabetes 223 Freshly cooked Koshihikari effect

I want that Hakumai, not white rice, to be used around the world.
Against Carbon Diet
CEO Yasunari Koyama,


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