Celebrating 40 years together, Disneyland

Koyama G’s big autumn event is the Freshers Festival.
Joint training session for this year’s new graduate hires.
Today is a training session to experience the best hospitality at Disneyland.
Under that name, the idea was for people to stretch their wings and have fun at Disney for a day.
It started as a 30th anniversary project, but it was so well received that it continues until this year, the 40th anniversary.
As long as Koyama G and Disney continue, this project will continue every year.
The book Disney is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.
In other words, the same year as Koyama G.
I won’t say that we have walked together, but I feel a connection to this and want to continue doing so for a long time.
Disney hospitality has become a myth.
A huge investment in equipment.
On top of that, the service staff called cast members provide flexible customer service.
Even the new members of Koyama G experience it for themselves and are impressed.
With Koyama’s friends from the same period.
I think we have the same culture and atmosphere.
By the 50th anniversary, a nursing home may be built nearby.
For people of my generation.
We stayed the night before last night, and yesterday we held a 40th anniversary commemorative symposium and social gathering at the hotel.
Me and the doctors, nurses, and university professors who are the president of the Team Care Society who are on the front lines at Koyama G.
Then, a young film director took to the stage.
The theme was the collaboration and integration of medical care and nursing care after the coronavirus.
I believe that the next management theme is to build a bridge between staff and the gap between medical care and nursing care.
The hotel’s banquet hall was crowded with 700 participants.
It was a night where I felt the power of youth and the appetite of youth.
We went around all the tables and took commemorative photos.
Today, I’m going to Disney.
Even though I am old enough to use a wheelchair, I still go to the land with the encouragement of the young people who gather at Koyama G.
You can think of it as a huge day service.
Even if he suffers from dementia, Freshers’ Disney will no doubt become G. Koyama’s spiritual home.
Every year, the memories I make with new people increase.
I too will become a happy old man.
I am truly grateful to everyone at Koyama G.
As an old man who is not lonely even though he is lonely.

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Mickey Tie
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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