The future of public facilities

Japan is criticized for its boxed culture of taxation, but I love boxed goods.
Art galleries, museums, cinemas, concert halls.
I also love the reception there and the wine and champagne at the party.
It’s a long time ago now.
Public facilities and halls also vary in scale, but are carefully arranged throughout the country.
Recently, large-scale buildings have been built around stations in major cities across the country, but they are not profitable and have a bad reputation.
However, it is unreasonable for those who expect profitability.
In that case, it would be better to give up on a building that requires a huge amount of money for electricity, repair, and management.
365 days a year, management personnel costs really cost.
Electric bills for air conditioning and lighting are surprisingly high.
Even if the entire surface of the building is pasted with solar panels, it will not be enough.
The government deliberately designs buildings that are expensive to maintain.
It is also a policy to give jobs to local traders.
However, labor shortages and rising labor costs.
Most of all, unfortunately, it is underutilized.
Citizens are not gathering as much as they expected.
The government says that it will be a detonator for regional revitalization, but every city has the same plan, and as a result, there is an oversupply.
It’s also because of Corona.
However, the public has become accustomed to online from home.
I also participate in most of my evening meetings and seminars online.
If so, why don’t you make a square in front of the station instead of making a box?
Like Hibiya Park and Yoyogi Park.
Both live performances and events are a great success.
It will also become a disaster plaza.
How about an outdoor movie theater where you can watch from your car in a huge parking lot, like in America?
Large tent venue, kitchen car restaurant mall.
A vaccination venue with only medical examination vehicles.
Because it’s an empty square, you can do anything.
If you have an idea and planning ability.
Maintenance costs are minimal.
can you do it for me
I will do it as a volunteer.
With a camper, I will rush.
I don’t need a hotel.

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Standing on an outdoor stage
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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