Divine protection

A two-day trip to Hiroshima and Setouchi.
The Koyama G inspection tour was warm, fun, delicious, and hot.
Yesterday, I went to Miyajima for sightseeing.
It was a long way to Itsukushima Shrine, and I regretted why I didn’t ride a rickshaw.
However, souvenir shops and restaurants are lined up along the seaside road under the scorching sun.
Crowded with tourists, the entire area has become a power spot.
For some reason, our group marched cheerfully and cheerfully.
While looking at the signs for beer and shaved ice.
When I finally reach the shrine, I feel grateful.
We put in an offering appropriate to the number of people accompanying us, and prayed for the safety of the facility and the health of the staff.
The names of the donors are displayed as nameplates all along the way.
I’m thinking of donating this.
Donor names should be made public.
Nursing homes and hospitals in Europe and the United States have the names of the donors displayed at their entrances.
It’s called a donation tree, and there’s a name panel in the shape of a leaf.
The size of the leaves differed depending on the amount donated.
It feels like a capitalist country.
Well, what about our country?
I think it would be better if the names of the donors were put out more openly.
While talking with the staff who accompanied me, I finished the long pilgrimage to pray for God’s protection.
Finally, at the airport, I also gave a promotion example of the staff member who guided me.
It was a little earlier than usual, but it was also a scheduled appointment.
But it’s never too early for the staff who have been working hard on the site for a long time.
It’s too late.
Miyajima went to visit when he opened a health center on a remote island.
Finally, he remembered that time.
Every facility receives the exorcism of the shrine at the groundbreaking ceremony.
Please pray for the safety of the construction.
But even after that, if you don’t continue to pray for the safety of the facility, you will be punished.
God bless Koyama G.
Enma retreats. Get rid of sickness.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/98
Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 270

Koyama Shrine Shinto Priest Volunteer
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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