Seniors should go to the scene

Japan is facing a declining population and fewer workers.
The government is proposing that the retirement age should be extended and that people should continue to work even when they become seniors.
At the Koyama Group, doctors, nurses, and care workers work for life.
Moreover, they are running around in the field.
I never leave the scene.
This is because I know that there are all the problems and all the rewards in the field.
Each corporation has grown, and some corporations have established office headquarters, but I have never seen doctors, nurses, and care workers working at the desks of the headquarters.
He runs around the site and yells at the site.
The problem with Koyama Group’s organization is that the management positions are multi-layered, and the higher they go, the more they deviate from the actual site, making the entire organization irresponsible.
To put it bluntly, big business disease.
A field factory is similar to a large manufacturing company in a rural area with executives in Tokyo.
Moreover, the problem is the big executives of the administrative system.
For some reason, instead of becoming a management leader who demonstrates leadership, he becomes a corporate advisor and advisor who does not take management responsibility.
The organization will not change if there is an executive who loses a sense of responsibility in the field and occupies the highest position of decision making authority and personnel affairs between me and me.
All of them are just safe excuses and allow the status quo to be maintained.
In fact, I felt that dealing with power harassment and sexual harassment in the past was sweet and slow, so I formed an independent investigation team.
Top lawyers and accountants.
Besides, all the lawyers are women.
Apparently, men are sweeter, and women are tougher on injustice and have a sense of justice.
Anyway, it seems that the elderly male clerk is going to retire with a kind and gentle person.
This is necessary for the medical welfare organization, and it will be an encouragement and comfort in the field.
In addition to the president, the number of chairpersons, advisors, and advisors will increase.
But somehow, when a man becomes great, he becomes the sweetest to himself.
As the whole organization grows, it becomes unclear where the real responsibility lies.
Looking at recent scandals at large corporations, those around executives try to get away with not knowing about them.
It is a misdeed of the person in charge of the site, and they make excuses.
In that case, I decided to have the office manager return to the site facility manager.
The joint staff headquarters on the hill and the admiral will be reduced.
Everyone should become a captain and go out to sea battle.
The corporate headquarters and group headquarters will be dismantled and reduced, and the distance between me and the facility will be reduced.
Proposals from below and requests for approval will be settled by myself within 48 hours and I will reply directly.
Thanks to the Internet society.
Koyama G has a 48-hour rule.
If there is no response within 48 hours after being submitted to me, it will be considered approved.
There are many email reports and requests for approval on Friday night.
Somehow, I have to make the payment by tonight.
I am busy on weekends.
My number one management issue right now is the restructuring of the group organization.
The problem was the development of administrative executives with a sense of responsibility.
This is, frankly, more due to my naiveté than to organization.
People in the field cannot run away from problems or deceive them.
The person in charge of the site shares the pain and difficulty of the site.
Even among administrative executives, women are more self-critical, trying to protect field workers from irresponsible bosses and the Cramer family.
However, it is only male executives who pretend not to know.
It is a mystery of Japanese organizational culture.
Japan’s management gender problem is women’s dominance and men’s weakness.
It may be characteristic of this industry.
I think that empathy for the scene is clearly higher for women.
As a representative of men, there is no choice but to kneel to women.

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