Innovation with history

Yesterday was the Long Service Award Ceremony in Tohoku.
There are more than 30 employees with 10, 20 and more years of experience.
It is a corporation that has been promoting the recruitment of new graduates.
It started with a nursing home.
Hiring high school graduates has also been a top priority.
Those people have grown up as mid-ranking executives.
I took my time, looked at each person’s face, and read out everyone’s certificates.
Even at the entrance ceremony for those people, I should have looked at their faces and shook hands.
The venue is a group home for the completion ceremony.
It was a happy day with many auspicious occasions, but the mayor also made a speech as a guest.
The fire department and the landlord also attended.
It has grown into a corporation with a long history that has earned the trust of the local community.
The group home was an innovative design.
The group home has 9 rooms per unit, for a total of 3 units.
So a total of 27 rooms.
The whole building is not big, but the space inside is spacious and luxurious.
Not only the size of the private room, but also the dining room space for each unit was unbelievably large.
In terms of hardware, I was convinced that it surpassed both fee-based nursing homes and nursing homes.
Even in the software service, I was relieved to see the faces and enthusiasm of the staff.
And the most wonderful part of the design is the wide service flow line of the staff.
It can be said that it is the embodiment of staff-first design.
Although it is not flashy, it was designed to convey the facility’s achievements and warm feelings toward the staff.
The reason why we have been able to complete such a convincingly innovative building so far is because we have a long and steady track record in the area.
Koyama G has a long history and is innovatively advancing into the future.
I also visited a nursing home under construction.
The next generation, who will bear the future, is growing up.
As an old man, my future is secure.

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The Future Created by Memories
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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