Cinema trip

The holidays have started.
I mostly work from home and recuperate at home.
In the past, during the consecutive holidays, I used to go to movie theaters all the time.
I watched at least three movies a day.
Rather than watching it with all one’s might, I watch the screen as if I were looking at the sea, relaxing like a voyage.
Feel the scent of beer as you feel the sea breeze.
Like feeling the sea breeze on the deck of a ship, I am immersed in the world of movies all day long.
When I was younger, there were late-night movies, and Saturday nights were all-nighters.
I must have been half asleep while watching a movie.
Now you can watch movies online on your TV from the comfort of your own bed.
However, the number of movies I want to see has decreased sharply due to the decrease in production itself due to Corona.
I have recorded about 100 old movies that were broadcast on terrestrial television.
I didn’t even look at it, but I left it without erasing it.
Call it an old album that you never look at, never open.
Reading books makes my eyes tired, and I listen to lectures online.
Apparently, I’m not good at resting my head alone.
I’m always looking for some intellectual stimulation.
During the consecutive holidays, I am thinking about the future of the Japanese medical and welfare industry.
He is more preoccupied with changing ocean currents than with the management of Koyama G.
Both of them can’t help but worry about it alone.
The newly published book was also unattractive, so I brought a book by Shinichi Hoshi and Takeshi Yoro from the facility.
Is there a reading site?
Everything is troublesome old people themselves.
I am sitting on my bed and using my bedside table to write this diary.
I think it’s home treatment or home hospitalization.
I noticed that there was no nurse call.
Even if it’s just your heart, fly to the cinema.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 173

Drifting on a bed instead of a raft
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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