Strawberry picking

Once a year, I go to a strawberry farm in Kawasaki to pick strawberries.
Yesterday, not only mothers and children, but also nursery school staff participated.
Any fruit is delicious to eat freshly picked.
No matter what you say, it’s fresh.
I think the youngest of the participants is a child who has just turned 2 years old.
He had a big, bright red strawberry in his mouth.
I was worried he would choke, but the child ate happily.
This is how strawberries are grown.
When you bite into the freshly picked fruit, it’s really juicy, sweet and delicious.
I want you to make that a memory of spring with your mother.
It’s a joy of life to be able to experience and enjoy it together.
Koyama’s employees have shared the hardships of management for a long time.
And it has embodied Koyama’s philosophy.
It was well said that we would share the hardships and hardships.
But sometimes it’s important to share something delicious together.
I want to share joy and happiness in my life.
When you reach the age when you realize that you are getting old, you realize how important the memories of life with young people and family are.
When I was young, I was always so preoccupied with life that I didn’t have the luxury of nostalgia for the past.
I know now.
Childhood memories of trips and meals with parents will become future memories and assets.
It is the memories of happy childhood experiences that support the loneliness of feeling in old age.
Making memories of yesterday’s day will also be nursing care for the future.
It may be the last strawberry of the year, but I think I’ve had enough for the whole year.
I’m already thinking about who to bring next year.

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Next is melon
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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