Reward yourself

I will turn 68 this month.
Even now, there are people who give me birthday presents.
However, unlike when I was a child, the contents are quite different.
Last year, I wore a pajama suit when attending Zoom meetings from my home.
It’s black and looks like a suit, but it’s stretchy and comfortable, like a sports sweatshirt.
Almost like wearing a cardigan.
I still love it.
I would like to see more designs for pajamas for the elderly who can go out and welcome visitors.
If it were me, I’d ask for three-piece double-breasted pajamas.
But maybe it didn’t sell well.
The history of suit design has always evolved into casual.
The time will come when the suit itself will no longer be necessary.
Like today’s kimono, it may only be worn on special occasions.
I hope someone can come up with something chic, formal, and easy to wear for older men.
I think the market is big.
Old people’s UNIQLO and Walkman still don’t suit them.
In his later years, my father wore casual jackets from England and Wako instead of suits.
He never wore a tie, preferring a looped string tie.
I don’t think that fashion suits me, so I’m going to spend the rest of my life in a suit and tie.
An Englishman’s suit and a Taya’s tie.
Around this time, my father gave me a large amount of money to buy something to wear.
The suit and shoes I bought with the gift money are now unfit for size.
Sorry, it’s a big deal and he’s trying to lose weight until he can wear it, but he’s still a long way off.
What did you reward yourself with this year?
At Wako, I bought a clip with a chain to hold a napkin at a dinner party.
Made of metal, not silver.
I think there used to be a silver one, but it’s no longer there.
It’s convenient, but you lose it quickly.
How many have you lost?
I didn’t want to leave coffee or soup stains on my tie anymore, so I bought it again.
This is to make us aware of our own age.
It’s called Taisei-kun’s bib.
Even if you encounter it, please don’t laugh.
I also bought a shoehorn to hang on the front door.
wooden luxury goods.
I’ve used it as a gift before, but this time it’s for myself.
Just like you can wear lace-up shoes.
In this way, the preparations for aging progress steadily.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 185

A Silver Gray Wolf, Not a Sheep
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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