What if the Noto earthquake happened in America?

Politics and government are slow to move in response to the upcoming Noto earthquake.
This may have happened in the past, but this time it was a large earthquake at the tip of the Hokuriku peninsula in winter.
The environment in the disaster area and evacuation center is too bad.
The terrain is not conducive to the movement of the private sector or local governments.
Roads are damaged.
Since large vehicles cannot pass through the area, supplies and personnel cannot be transported.
Therefore, it has been reported many times that people are asked to refrain from coming to help or sending supplies because the government is overworked.
I don’t understand why the Self-Defense Forces are being deployed one after another, but the prefectural governor says it’s because during the Kyushu disaster, a large number of Self-Defense Forces were deployed all at once, causing confusion on the ground.
The Prime Minister’s Office also announced a budget, but I don’t think it’s about the budget.
It’s the same as during wartime.
It is the Prime Minister’s job to immediately respond to the military and direct its actions.
It is the responsibility of those with power and authority.
It seems that Japan is becoming a peace obscurantist.
What if this was America?
Immediate military action moves to evacuate people from isolated evacuation centers to safe areas by helicopter.
The military begins repair work on the damaged road.
The military can do everything.
You can also build bridges to cross rivers.
Road construction will also be carried out to transport supplies.
That is the Corps of Engineers.
There is a food team and a medical team.
Thousands of soldiers can move and fight, providing all the services necessary for survival.
The rice cooking team prepares meals for thousands of soldiers.
I don’t go to the supermarket to buy a bento box.
Some vehicles also have showers.
There may also be a laundry vehicle.
It’s basically a moving village.
The United States also has a large fleet of hospital ships.
The Self-Defense Forces have a Self-Defense Force Hospital.
The hospital has half of its beds open in case of war.
In the United States, the National Guard would immediately shut down the affected areas to prevent thieves from entering.
Police patrol residential areas.
There is a strong national organization in place to help disaster-stricken areas from hurricanes and floods.
There are supposed to be experts in the Prime Minister’s office, but I can’t hear their voices.
It’s the same as when dealing with coronavirus.
I believe that even in times of war, we can survive with the same leaders and organizations we had during peacetime.
It was the same as the Tokugawa shogunate at the end of the Edo period.
I can’t stand against the black ships.
In any other country, not just America, people would be cordoned off to prevent people from entering the disaster area without permission.
This is the same in every country.
Are there any special circumstances behind the delay in introducing the Self-Defense Forces?
The next big earthquake is predicted, but they cannot tell the people.
Are you worried about nuclear terrorism in foreign countries?
No, I guess I’m just an optimist.
The same thing happened during the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Supplies such as expired food and unusable second-hand clothes arrive at the site in piles.
Municipalities do not have the power to sort and distribute it to evacuation centers, nor do they have the necessary individual information.
Only the elderly from the local community remain at the evacuation center, and with no food or medicine, they are just waiting for help from the government.
The prefecture does not instruct people to evacuate outside the prefecture.
It’s a sight I once saw.
In the event of a major earthquake in the Tokyo metropolitan area, I would like people to evacuate as much as possible, even by walking outside of Tokyo.
Even in the Tama area or towards Tokorozawa,
I think rescue teams from outside the prefecture will be able to come that far.
If you don’t have to worry about tsunamis, head to Tokyo Bay.
Let’s wait for rescue ships from all over the country.
Let’s have that ship transport it to another prefecture.
The Self-Defense Forces use more helicopters than missiles and fighter jets.
The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force should have Engineer Corps trucks rather than tanks.
The Maritime Self-Defense Force should have hospital ships rather than battleships.
Anyway, a medical team that takes action.
Let’s raise the voice of medical associations, hospital associations, and social welfare facility associations.
I want you to scream more.
The lives of the people are at stake.
In this cold weather, the elderly and disabled people in simple shelters such as gymnasiums and plastic greenhouses are risking their lives.
Japan does not learn from failure.
What if we built an evacuation complex at the Expo venue?
I think it will be admired by the world.

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