Medical care online audience

There are some desirable things to come out of this year’s integrated medical and nursing care reforms.
Care manager jobs are now available through online audience.
Since online medical treatment is possible, it can be said that it is natural.
If you can work online, you can also work from home.
Even for care managers, it is difficult to visit all the patients and medical personnel.
Especially in Tokyo.
In addition, the regional uneven distribution of qualified personnel may be alleviated.

Koyama G is located all over the country.
No matter where you work, you can interact with users anywhere in the country.
You can work as a volunteer at home without having to go to the disaster area.
Koyama G’s future facilities will be designed to serve as a regional disaster prevention base more than ever before.
It’s not just the carts, which are special anti-coronavirus vehicles.
We also want to deploy mobile homes and container homes that can be dispatched to disaster-stricken areas.
Container house with toilet, shower, and laundry facilities.
Mobile clinic.

Kitchen car equipped with cold storage.
The Thunderbirds also need a base from which they can dispatch equipment vehicles.
Of course, Care Farm and Ginza Honeybee Farm are adjacent.
A nursing care facility integrated with the winery is also being envisioned.
Right now, it’s in the dreaming stage.

Pulse oximeter 97/99/97
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 137

Elder man living alone online
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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