The sound of quena echoes in Ginza

Condor flies away.
I think it’s music from Peru and the Andes in Central and South America.
The impressive sound of the flute in that song is quena.
Although it is a vertical flute, it is made of wood and looks like a shakuhachi.
That sound echoed in Ginza.
About 20 high school students from Kawamata Town, Fukushima Prefecture, visited Ginza and held a concert.
Kawamata Town holds the Cosquin Concert and Cosquin Parade every year, in honor of the city of Cosquin in Argentina.
The local high school performance team visited Ginza.
Since Ginza Honey Bee is also supporting the event, I also attended with a bouquet of flowers.
I think anyone can remember the performance of “The Condor is Flying" as it resonates in their head.
When I greeted him and talked about my memories of that song, he played it for the encore.
Life is guided by chance encounters.
The first is that Koyama G has many facilities in Fukushima, which was hit by the earthquake, and is focusing on reconstruction.
The second one is a member of Ginza Honey Bee.
These two things led me to the Coskin concert in Kawamata Town.
Yesterday was my third encounter.
I am looking forward to the Koskin concert in Kawamata Town.
It was a bit embarrassing for the old man to hand a young high school student a bouquet of flowers, honey, and a dorayaki branded with the Koyama seal.
After finishing, he wanted to show me around Ginza.
I want to save that for next year.
In addition, filming for a documentary on Ginza honey bee activities has begun.
The Ginza Honey Bee’s activity record film project has kicked off on its first day of operation.
I haven’t seen how my greetings look in the photo yet.
Rather than looking forward to the cranked-up edit a year from now, I’m a little scared.
I’m just a movie critic.

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