Engawa and sparklers(engawa is a common name for fish parts, one of the toppings for sashimi and sushi)

My parents were married when they were students.
She was a medical school intern and a senior female college student.
It seems that the wedding ceremony was attended by even those who had experience as prime ministers at the time, so both families must have raised their collective strength.
It is the marriage of the eldest son and eldest daughter of both families.
I heard that the wedding was held at the Tokyo Kaikan in front of the Imperial Palace.
The newlyweds’ house is a big old Japanese house with a maid.
Over the iron gate hung the branches of a large pine tree.
Frankly speaking, I was blessed.
But my father said that he paid for my milk by playing mahjong.
The eldest son, Yasunari-kun, was blessed with a lot of New Year’s gifts.
Kids today won’t understand.
On New Year’s Day, relatives gathered together, and children received a year’s worth of pocket money as New Year’s money.
The eldest son of both families received many times more than his brother.
In all of Yasunari-kun’s life, that was the only time I felt glad that I was born as his eldest son.
This is because his eldest son was the only one who shouldered the debts of the family business after that.
The cause and effect of money goes around.
As far as money is concerned, Yasunari’s life will go through heaven and hell.
Even now.
As he approaches the summer Obon, he remembers fireworks.
But those fireworks are neither Sumida River fireworks nor Tokyo Bay fireworks.
Fireworks on the porch of his home’s pond and a garden with pine and pomegranate trees.
Also, sparklers.
Fireworks were not allowed in the garden.
But the sparklers were fantastic and beautiful.
I also remember a large matchbox with a picture of a pipe.
Candles too.
I also remembered running to the tobacco shop in the evening to buy matches and candles.
darkness and fire.
I realized it was her first experience of beauty as a child.
The other day, I received a special sparkler made from Japanese paper.
I thought it was dangerous for an old man to play with fire, so I gave it to an employee who had small children.
How will sparklers appear in the eyes of the baby?
I would be happy if it became a memory of my family as the first fireworks in my life.
One fireworks is lonely.
Don’t you think so, Mom and Dad?
I can’t stop crying.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.0 Blood sugar 165

Father’s pipe and matches, hearing the voice of cicada’s
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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