CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in college

In a company, the chief financial officer is called the CFO.
I am the Chief Executive Officer, CEO.
Management of funds is important for a business entity, but I think there are few Japanese companies that have succeeded in managing funds.
Normally, even if you earn a certain amount of yield from the sales of a securities company, you will suffer many times the loss due to economic shocks and recessions.
On the contrary, the principal will also fly away.
When the real estate bubble burst in the past, huge corporate assets flew.
Not only that, even a famous university that collected a large amount of donations from its alumni to its medical school once invested in foreign securities and lost much of its principal.
When I became an advisor to the medical foundation, I thought that the secretary at the time was good and entrusted the fund to foreign securities.
There was a time when the principal was severely damaged.
I warned him that this was dangerous, but it was too late and the fund suffered a great loss.
It is the height of stupidity to invest in foreign financial securities on the advice of a securities company.
Because interest rates in Japan are low, the excuse was that if the investment yield was not raised, there would be a shortage of funds for scholarships.
Trusting securities salesmen to invest billions in such an important fund is unacceptable.
But it is common in Japan for ignorant executives to pursue profit and cause great loss.
This time, Japan’s highest educational institution will create a CFO position for university officers and manage the university’s funds.大学の研究予算が足らないからだそうだ。
If you think that you can make a profit with such skill, you can also create a securities company.
It is only when the owner himself invests his property at his own risk that he has made a solid profit on his investment.
Warren Buffett, George Soros, Elon Musk, Masayoshi Son, etc.
Everyone takes risks on their own, which is why they are restrained, know when to quit, and cut losses quickly.
The person in charge of office workers invests only with expected value without fear of risk because it is someone else’s property.
I guarantee everything myself and take out the loan.
We do not manage financial assets.
All invest in hospital and nursing home assets.
From now on, we will invest in employee dormitories.
Borrowing money and building facilities is the same as investing.
Invest everything in your business.
If you are in the manufacturing industry, you invest in the factory itself.
We will not use surplus funds for external securities investment.
All invested in the business itself, nursing homes and staff dormitories.
There is no safer and more efficient investment than that.
At least within the scope of my ability and responsibility.
If universities have the ability to invest, why not invest in new drug development at universities or in university ventures themselves?
I don’t think it’s necessary to make money for a securities company with admission fees and tuition fees.
I have never invested in stocks.

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CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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