Overcame everything, because I thought of nothing

Yesterday, I attended a wedding ceremony between two employees.
It’s been almost 20 years since I attended a wedding.
Is it because of of my age of 68-years or because of Corona?
There are many funeral lately.
That’s why I always wear a dark suit, tie and pocket square.
The bride came to Japan because she liked Japanese animation, and got a job at a nursing home in Koyama G. Six years later, she met a Japanese man, and the wedding turned out to be a fateful one.
I remember when she were hired, so I was very moved, and I hope that both of them will continue to work at Koyama G for many years to come.
Their parents must have been worried.
Especially for my the bride’s family who came to Japan.
A friend of the family who came to Japan from sweden was a Japanese lecturer and moderator, and to be honest, his speech was more refreshing than my Japanese.
The intonation felt a little Kansai-style.
In other facts, the one who has been translating the Ginza Koyama Diary into Swedish and English which is posted on our website is the bride.
This week, with their honeymoon and showing her family around Japan, so it can’t be helped that the translation will be delayed for a while.
Please forgive her.
Like a Japanese anime heroine, she is a big fan of Japanese food.
I’m sure your family will love it too.
I have been to Sweden 10 times as part of Koyama G’s new employee training.
In cold, cold March.
That’s because it’s not the tourist season, and hotel and flight fares are the cheapest.
Next time, I want to go when it’s warm.
Even in Corona, no, because of Corona, I can’t leave it all to my subordinates, and I spend my days busy with work.
But when I think about it, I never decided my life by myself.
I was forced to run a bankrupt hospital because my parents wanted him to be the director.
Since the hospital was a small-to-medium-sized hospital in the center of the city, he found a new location in the countryside and was involved in the development of the local community after the collapse of the bubble economy.
After the collapse of the resort, Koyama G was started as an unsuccessful elderly health care facility at the request of the government.
None of them were what I wanted to do.
The demands of the times and chance encounters have become the necessity of management.
The meeting with the current executives made Koyama G what it is today.
I don’t feel like I’ve paved the way.
Spent 40 years like being swept away by a torrent.
No, I have a strong feeling that I survived.
14,000 people did not come from building a big ship.
Without so many oarsmen, the current would have driven the ship aground.
I have grown by accepting whatever was necessary or requested.
But now that I think about it, I didn’t think anything of it.
I didn’t have anything that I wanted to do, nor did I work hard for it.
I didn’t have a choice, I just survived the oncoming tsunami.
The ship could not capsize.
Shuld not escape from the ship.
She didn’t want to see her loved ones suffer or cry.
Wearing her wedding dress, she came alone to study abroad in Japan, which she longed for.
I couldn’t leave Japan from Ginza.
Still, I couldn’t afford to lose.
If you are not strong, you cannot live. If you’re not kind, you don’t deserve to live.
After all, I was strutting into the world of Marlowe, a private detective.
The protagonist loses consciousness after being beaten down by villains many times, but for some reason he regains consciousness and does not die.
Because it’s the hero of the story.
Yes, Koyama’s story continues.
Like Marvel Comics, strong heroes appear one after another.
Yes, I am getting stronger.
The future of this story is determined by the policies of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, not God.
God bless you.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 192

Oath to God
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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