Summer days, rainy days, and snowy days

The design of medical care and nursing care, like elementary schools, is determined by law and subsidies, and the basics are the same.
For that reason, the exterior, interior, and design are elaborate, but the budget is fixed, so I make up for it.
When I started building facilities in rural areas, most of them were one-storied houses.
of Ginza. It must have been a recoil coming from a landless place.
I was particular about the height of the ceiling in the lobby and the lighting from the atrium.
I couldn’t afford to buy artwork, so I put a lot of thought into the interior of the walls and the ceiling.
Employees often use the emergency staircase, so the interior is warmed up and stained glass is installed.
Make the interior of the kitchen or warehouse flashy.
In any case, I incorporated a message to the facility site through the design.
Right now, I respect the intentions of the field staff as much as possible.
However, everyone is an amateur of architectural design.
As it is, if you ask for hope, you will become a strange man.
So, rely on a designer who has experience in medical welfare.
There are few experienced designers in this world.
In the end, you will study, struggle, fail, and learn with me.
I would like to think that we have grown together.
Yesterday, I decided on the color of the exterior of the nursing home under construction.
It’s an annual ritual, but this is difficult.
This is because the appearance and color of the outer walls of buildings differ depending on the season’s sunlight.
It’s really different.
Morning light, evening light.
The light of summer, autumn, winter, spring and the shades of green of the season.
Light also looks different depending on the local air.
The colors of the buildings differ depending on the air and sky colors of Tohoku and San’in.
Reflections on concrete and tiles are different in the city and on the beach.
The difference may be the same as the human complexion.
It looks different depending on the mood of the person who sees it.
So, to be honest, I don’t have confidence, so I ask the designers and the staff of the local preparation office.
Still, it is my responsibility to decide.
When this is completed, it is completely different from the expectation.
This may be similar to making pottery, pottery.
Unless you take it out of the pot, you can’t tell what kind of color it will be.
So I would say it’s interesting.
The design of the facility building has a fixed basic design, like the skeleton of a human being.
However, the expression of the completed facility is not the same as one.
like a human face.
Each person has a facial expression and emotions.
As a parent who struggled to give birth, all the faces of the children are full of individuality.
And this year, too, we can hear the first cry of Koyama no Ko.
The faces of the staff in the preparation room were shining with smiles of anticipation and confidence.
Raise strong, children of Koyama.
The groundbreaking ceremony on a snowy day and the construction inspection on a summer day are memories of my life.
We are looking forward to the day when construction will be completed.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/99
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 177

Master Carpenter
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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