The Noto Peninsula is the same as a remote island.

If the single road surrounding the peninsula were to be cut off, the peninsula would be the same as a remote island.
Twenty-six people are said to be stranded in five districts on the peninsula.
It is better to evacuate residents to a safe zone than to send supplies and rescuers there.
It should be easy if a large Self-Defense Force helicopter is dispatched.
A boat is moored at the fishing port.
If there were no worries about a tsunami, it would be possible to bring supplies in by boat and escape.
Even the government says they are having trouble getting through by phone.
I learned about the existence of satellite phones during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Government communications should be usable.
I hear that even Ukraine was supported by Elon Musk’s communications satellite.
I wonder what’s going on in Japan?
The Self-Defense Forces and the evacuation order would also require an order from the prime minister’s office.
Where there is authority, there is also responsibility.
There is no leadership in sight to help the Noto Peninsula after this earthquake.
Is it the Prime Minister, the prefectural governor, or the Minister of Defense?

It’s like the movie Shin Godzilla.
When it comes to mutual aid from the private sector, it would be best if teams in the affected areas provided supplies, such as hospital associations for hospitals in disaster areas, and group home associations for group homes, and teams that know what supplies are needed at the facilities.
Is this what Japan is like now, where facilities for the disabled and nursing care facilities still don’t have enough supplies?
It’s not a foreign battlefield.
It’s in Japan.
I’m sure everyone can think of things that would be better if they did this.
But why isn’t this the case in Japan?
Just like in the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake, only unnecessary and unusable supplies are sent to the site.

Is Japan incapable of learning from its failures?
Japan’s political and administrative system has not changed from peacetime to wartime.
Isn’t it like the end of the Edo period?
Should we just wait for the Meiji Restoration?
It’s snowing locally this morning. cold.
The weak cannot survive without a lifeline.
I don’t think I can survive either.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 161

King of the Weak
CEO Yasunari Koyama