Good People and Bad People

With 14,000 employees, it’s not like there are no people who do bad things.
In the event of a whistleblower report, a headquarters audit team will be organized under a lawyer and an accountant and dispatched to investigate.
Naturally, a disciplinary committee will be held by the executive officers, and appropriate measures will be taken.
The consistent process includes strict procedures.
I give my approval of the final decision, but I cannot change the sentencing.
If I had to say it, wouldn’t it be more like giving advice to that person to make a fresh start?
Since last year, we have also been focusing on compliance education under the guidance of accountants.
What is required is the sincerity of the human being rather than knowledge and ability.
Humans do good things and bad things.
For some reason, sometimes good people do bad things.
Like pretending not to see wrongdoing in the workplace.
When you learns about wrongdoing, you must report it to your superiors unless you can stop it himself.
If you can’t do that, you become a co-conspirator in crime.
The responsibility for the actions of the senior executives who received the consultation is also heavy.
There are some things that cannot be said to be a quick response.
This is especially common among clerical staff who are far from the site.
The type I despise the most.
Conversely, employees who are active and rated as high performing perform badly.
They don’t maintain compliance.
The art of arrogance and selfish indifference.
Some people become bad when they gain success and power.
Is it upbringing or character, education or humanity?
I came to think that it was the human capacity that I was born with.
When they becoming the section chief, they are shining.
When becoming the director, they became backward-looking and irresponsible.
When becoming the head of the facility, they lost compassion and kindness to their subordinates.
When I see such examples, I struggle with personnel evaluations and the difficulty of career advancement.
Still, we must promote young people and give them a chance at life.
Every time someone betrays me, I realize the importance of trusting people.
To what extent can oneself manage and manage an organization responsibly?
There are days when I groan.
I can hear my father’s voice from heaven telling me to stop building more facilities.
Before the world recession, I want to increase the number of ships in the fleet as much as possible.
I want to raise him to be a strong sailor.
Isn’t it possible to have an organization that can grow infinitely and manage education properly?
You can’t find the answer in management books or endless meetings.
Alone, I am in the state of waiting for God’s revelation.
I remembered how I felt when I went to church in my 40s.
Is the time to write this diary for Zen meditation at a temple or confession to God at a church?
I feel like I apologize to the staff.
It’s not that I’ll be forgiven, nor that I want to be forgiven.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/97
Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 222

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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