1/1 Reiwa year 6, Noto Peninsula Earthquake M7.6

My weekend holidays are never calm.
For some reason, an incident occurs.
The New Year of 2020 began with the Noto Peninsula earthquake.
Godzilla always emerges from the Pacific Ocean and lands from Tokyo Bay.
I was surprised that it would attack from the Sea of Japan.
Immediately, damage information came in from Niigata.
Elevators seem to have stopped working in some facilities.
However, it seems that they were able to contact the repair company right away.
In large facilities, the elevators don’t work, and serving meals can be difficult.
If there is a power outage or water outage, emergency assistance is needed.
I immediately contacted the person in charge of frozen food at Cooke Deli, asked for emergency delivery of frozen bento boxes if necessary, and received a firm promise.
They have just entered into a partnership with Cook Deli to provide emergency support in times of disaster.
The assistance we received during the flood disaster in Atami was truly a blessing.
Disasters in Japan never end.
From now on, collaboration with companies will be necessary.
Koyama G’s facilities are fine this time.
If there is an evacuation center nearby, you should support it.
If there is a facility that has been assisted, staff and supplies must be sent to that facility for logistical support.
This is also Koyama G’s healthcare design network.
Then, we must activate a wide-area disaster welfare support network and act as a member of the Thunderbirds.
The Great Tokyo Metropolitan Area Earthquake, the Great Tokai Earthquake, and the eruption of Mt. Fuji will someday become reality right before our eyes.
Receive support regardless.
When this is not the case, I will move to support without hesitation.
Medical care and nursing care.
Thirty years ago, I visited a town at the tip of the Noto Peninsula.
The town received a request to open a health care facility for the elderly.
The project did not materialize as the land selection did not go as planned.
There may have been a Koyama G facility on the Noto Peninsula as well.
Koyama G all over the country too.
Thunderbirds across the country should also be on the move.
Is this the year 6 of Reiwa?
I will be waiting for your urgent request emails in Tokyo.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/98
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 253 Late night zoni

Thunderbird Vice
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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