Minus 1.0

It’s not the title of a Godzilla movie.
1022 Nursing home profit margin.
Old Ken was minus 1.1.
Both are in the red.
Due to the effects of the coronavirus and soaring electricity costs, the fiscal year 2023 is likely to be even more in the red.
In fiscal 2024, it will likely be even more in the red due to soaring personnel costs and revisions to long-term care insurance.
Then comes the time to repay the interest-free corona loan and rebuild the initial facility when the long-term care insurance was established.
How many corporations borrow new debt to rebuild facilities that are in the red?
In the case of health care facilities for the elderly in rural areas, there is no doctor to serve as the facility director.
The number of small and medium-sized private hospitals will also be reduced by half, but intermediate care facilities, which handle critical care, will no longer be viable.
As in New York and Paris, more and more elderly people living alone will sacrifice their lives for cheap apartments.
Koyama G has climbed mountains all over the country with the help of the long-term care insurance system.
From now on, we will be heading down the mountain into a headwind.
This way is more dangerous and mountainous.
When descending a snowy mountain, the top leader leads the way.
I was prepared to get frostbite on my fingers and toes as I walked in front of him, shielding him from the snow and wind.
I’d like to leave it to the old soldiers to find a new escape route.
The same goes for a stormy voyage.
I’m in Osaka today to attend a clinical nutrition conference.
Nearly 40 nutritionists from Koyama G will be participating.
This year as well, Koyama G sponsored the luncheon seminar.
Lunch was sponsored by Cook Deli, a frozen food company.
The 150 meals were gone and the venue was full.
Koyama G’s nutrition committee and Cook Deli’s nutritionist gave solid and solid presentations.
I would like to raise the social reputation of nurses working in nursing care facilities, even within the medical community.
This will also “penetrate and diffuse" medical care and welfare for the elderly into society.
At the next academic conference, I would like to verify and present that diabetes can be improved even in nursing homes through dietary guidance provided by nurses.
Next year’s conference will be in Kagoshima.
He promised the participants that they would meet again in Kagoshima.
I would appreciate it if you could come during the cooler months.
Pulse oximeter 97/95/97
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 206

Plus Minus Zero
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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