Movies are family memories.

I watched the latest Godzilla movie.
The main character of the previous film was a government employee, and the battle was between the Japanese government and Godzilla.
This was interesting.
I wish politicians like him were there during the Great East Japan Earthquake.
This time, the victim citizen is the main character.
Godzilla is a mindless monster.
From the perspective of a frail human being, it is a mass of fear and disaster.
It also emphasizes the extent to which a tragic war makes the people of Japan unhappy.
I thought this was a great anti-war movie these days.
Godzilla refers to the atomic bomb dropped on Japan.
Godzilla was created as a result of the radiation from the atomic bomb.
Truly a child of the atomic bomb, a demonic ambassador of the atomic bomb.
The story of Godzilla’s birth.
The original movie was made before I was born.
I couldn’t have seen it in the theater, so I must have seen it on a black and white TV.
In this film, Godzilla destroys post-war Ginza.
As expected, they did not attack the Imperial Palace.
I don’t think there was a scene where Ginza was destroyed in any of the past movies.
It felt like a Godzilla representation of the Tokyo air raids that left Ginza in ruins.
Yasunari must have been in the third grade of elementary school when he first saw Godzilla in a theater.
Moreover, at that time, my sister and I went to a movie theater near the station where we live.
Her parents were going away for a funeral or something, so her mother gave her a lot of pocket money.
She thinks she got some thousand yen bills.
At the time, it was a large sum of money, equivalent to a New Year’s gift.
Yasunari remembers being nervous as he held a large amount of money in his hands.
I was at the movie theater with my younger sister, just the two kids.
He remembers buying coke and popcorn.
It was the day when his younger sister passed away.
It was the first and last day I watched a movie with his sister.
Like me, my younger sister is in the early stages of her senior year, but my brother and I were scared of Godzilla in a dark movie theater.
I think Yasunari was nervous, feeling like his sister was entrusted to his parents.
Now that I think about it, I think her parents forgave her.
I also remember my mother handing me a 1,000 yen bill at that time.
A trip to the movie theater is also a trip to past memories.
The memory of watching a movie at a movie theater with his family when he was young is more memorable than the photo.
The movies I watched with her long ago remain in my heart.
It hurts to remember.
It is also a bitter feeling.
In my movie life.

Pulse oximeter 95/97/98
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 107

Daikon Actor
(Daikon is the term for Japanese white radish, so daikon actor translate to Radish actor.
It is a term used to mock actors with poor acting skills or poor acting skills.)
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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