Labor shortages are a problem in all workplaces.
Especially in the service industry.
Medical and nursing care cannot be covered by mechanization and computerization.
This time, the allocation of chief care managers at administrative regional comprehensive centers will be relaxed.
Chief care manager only.
Realistically, I think there are many occupations in which quotas should be relaxed in terms of the allocation of qualified personnel.
Currently, the director of a public health center and the director of a geriatric health facility must be a doctor.
In response to the coronavirus, the director of the public health center may have been too cautious because he is a doctor.
Also, as an administrative official, I think it would have been better to have someone who was knowledgeable about regional issues and knowledge of administrative law, rather than a medical license.
Initially, there was a plan to allow not only doctors but also nurses to serve as directors of geriatric health facilities, but this is not currently the case.
In rural and depopulated areas, it is difficult to secure even a single doctor.
Stand-alone geriatric health care facilities that are not attached to local hospitals will not be able to survive due to a shortage of doctors.
In the local area, I think a nurse or pharmacist would be fine.
In particular, pharmacists became a 6th grade university.
I think this will be a good opportunity to recognize your expertise.
Instead of assigning a doctor and facility director, I would like you to consider assigning two people, a nurse and a pharmacist, to act as his/her substitute.
If a doctor is assigned to the nursing home, he should be called the director of the facility rather than the director of the facility.
The government probably prioritized the distinction between nursing care insurance facilities and medical insurance facilities, but this is also a matter of government convenience.
I want them to reconsider and give priority to the people who work there.
Some doctors are particular about this name.
If the public health center is a doctor, it should be the director.
Also, how about allowing nursing care workers to take over the assignment of nurses at hospitals to some extent?
In the past, hospitals had administrative helpers called nursing assistants.
It is not necessary that all ward work be done by nurses.
Clerical work accounts for a large proportion of the work performed by ward nurses.
It is true that many nurses like the office work at the nursing station.
I want those with qualifications to concentrate on the work that can only be done with their qualifications.
Relaxation of qualification constants and qualification requirements is necessary, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with the current situation.
The current system gives priority to nurses at general hospitals and doctors at clinics.
In this era of diverse medical and nursing care, we need to reconsider the very nature of our profession.
I am aware that the medical association and nursing association will not be satisfied with this.
However, I think there are some people in the field who would agree with me.
Are my fears unfounded?
Am I being disrespectful?
Am I being irresponsible as a medical manager?
I would like to hear the opinions of experts.

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