Gasoline or electricity

What will cars be like in the next 10 years?
Will the cars that run through the streets be the same gasoline cars as today or electric cars?
Due to environmental problems, the world has become full of electric cars, and gasoline cars are only for the rich. I thought it would only remain as a classic car.
From coal trains to electric trains.
From horse-drawn carriages to gasoline cars.
From an accounting man to a calculator/computer.
From humans to AI.
From coal-fired power generation to dam hydro power generation.
From nuclear power generation to solar and wind power generation.
The world’s energy infrastructure has changed as a result of advances in science and changes in social values.
But it was because of productive rationality.
However, the wind direction has changed quite a bit for electricity.
The production and disposal of batteries itself may cause environmental deterioration.
It’s like nuclear power.
Electricity production is not enough.
Numerous problems, such as insufficient power, should eventually be overcome by the advancement of science and the expansion of demand.
That kind of wishful thinking has become somewhat dubious.
The world of Astro Boy and Sky City 008, which I saw as a child, is unlikely to become a reality in my lifetime.
My car is a petrol car.
I used to ride in a hybrid car, but I felt the car was heavy and inconvenient, so I switched back to a regular gasoline car.
Koyama G uses thousands of vehicles, but I think there are only a few electric vehicles.
As for electricity, there is a plan to generate solar power on the roof of the house.
But I think the first direct connection is to generate solar power on the roof of a car.
It seems that the idea has not yet come to fruition.
I would like to ask Toyota or Nissan.
By the way, how is the clock?
I use four different watches.
The mechanical automatic winding is brown Bvlgari and black Montblanc.
Battery-powered watches are blue Bvlgari and silver metal Gucci.
Which watch should I wear on my wrist today?
I choose it according to the color of my necktie and chief.

Pulse oximeter 91/97/97
Body temperature 36.8 Blood sugar 168

Considering a smartwatch
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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