The future of pharmacists

Pharmacist is currently a 6-year university.
Same as medical school.
4 years for laboratory technologists, radiological technologists, and registered dietitians.
It’s just a matter of being an expert, but if you get a job, it’s going to be tough from now on.
The number of patients should increase, but as a specific place of employment, the number of hospitals will decrease.
The number of dispensing pharmacies has increased, but it is likely to decrease sharply from now on.
From dispensing factories, Amazon and courier services will deliver medicines.
From the patient’s point of view, it will be more convenient, but employment will be narrowed down.
At Koyama G’s nursing home, there are also doctors, nurses, and physical therapists.
I think it would be good to have a pharmacist or a dentist.
Of course, the facility manager of the nursery teacher.
From now on, there will be a demand for hybrid specialists who will become leaders in the field of society.
But there is a problem.
A pharmacist who is highly conscious of being a high-performance specialist is unlikely to be directly involved in the nursing care business.
People of all occupations are interested in nursing care business, but I have never met a pharmacist or a dentist.
Nursing care requires the ability to communicate with people and human power.
I think that many of those who have come to study with the intention of becoming laboratory technicians or pharmacists are research- and academic-oriented.
Of course, it should be respected.
However, considering that it is a place of employment where people can live, the future will be tough.
It is common with the problem of the over doctor.
Expand the scope of professional work.
I teach it as the permeation and diffusion of specialized medical care into society.
Come on, medical expert.
To social care sites.
I want you to open up a new world for yourself.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/99
Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 201

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