Days when publication holidays disappear

Today is the newspaper holiday (a day where newspaper is not published).
It’s not because it’s raining today.
I don’t think it’s because the reporter is resting.
Television and Internet news are open 365 days a year.
I think it’s to give the people who deliver real paper newspapers to their readers a rest.
But convenience stores never close.
If a newspaper delivery office is popular, it will not be out of the question.
After all, the number of sales has decreased sharply, and readers no longer feel the need.
In the past, I think there were readers who only read the TV section, the movie section, and the serialized novel.
Such readers now get their information from the Internet.
When the time came when movies and reading were possible on the Internet, this should have been foreseen.
Paper newspapers have their merits, but the only people who miss them are the old people who cut them out.
like me.
Some newspaper companies have discontinued the evening edition.
Some newspaper companies have increased their monthly subscription fees by 100 yen.
Eventually, some newspaper companies will become Internet newspapers only.
Information becomes faster and cheaper.
Same with books and music.
We are entering an era in which only content has value.
If all newspapers were distributed online, there would be no holidays.
All intermediaries will be obsolete.
So that the manufacturer sells directly on the Internet.
A major courier company joins hands with a major dispensing pharmacy.
Dispensing pharmacies overflowing in the streets will be halved.
Then there is the clinic.
Pharmacists and doctors will have fewer jobs than they do now.
It would be nice if it was enough to solve the labor shortage.
Newspaper delivery offices that no longer have jobs may turn into courier offices or home-visit nursing stations.
The contents of the stores in the city change.
The world’s business models are undergoing drastic changes.
Until now, medical care, which was thought to be stable, will change.
Will this solve the labor shortage?
It is said that local houses worth more than 100 million yen are selling well.
Reminds me of the real estate bubble 40 years ago.
Both medical care and childcare are now on a roller coaster.
Then go down.
That’s horrible.
As a manager, the road that came someday.
It’s scary just to experience it and know it.
But I’ll get through it and show you.
This is my last service as a boatman.

Pulse oximeter 95/95/97
Body temperature 36.8 Blood sugar 184

Veteran soldiers come back to life
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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