Digital Tombstone

When I want to find out who is giving a lecture or who is the author of a book, I first look at all the images on the net.
It is easy to understand famous scholars and managers with many achievements by looking at images on the Internet.
His activities, his life, his world.
In particular, what kind of people are you photographed with?
From the time he was young until recently, it has become the person’s biography and resume.
Rather than printed information, I think that one piece of information, one piece of information, is more suitable for understanding a person’s life and character.
The fact that you are on the internet means that you are active in social activities.
You can also read clothes, expressions, and backgrounds.
Then I will be Sherlock Holmes.
Internet information can be seen freely all over the world, and it will not be lost in a disaster.
Information is stored semi-permanently anywhere in the world at any time.
My information, my records, my memories, my activities, my life, are left as photographs on Koyama G’s website.
Also this diary.
My grave does not have to be made physically.
Anyone who remembers me should look at my homepage.
That’s enough, I think.
You can also watch the interview and the greetings at the facility completion ceremony on YouTube.
It is also a personal biopic.
What a convenient and scary time.
This diary is my curriculum vitae, but I also have a collection of recorded videos.
No editing, no choice, all online, left on the homepage.
As a record of one’s life, the homepage can be called a cyber grave or a digital tombstone.
Eventually, no one will look at it, but at that time, I will become a ghost on the net and search for my own memories.
Oh, how scary.
But can I become a ghost?
I want to ask God

Pulse oximeter 97/97/98
Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 155

Spirit of Koyama
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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